critical methodologies, opacity, conter-visuality, especulative statistics, data visualisation

In the GALLERY KO-RA in the P.I Hous eof Culture "Kocho Racin" - Skopje, R.North Macedonia, 24.04.2023 in the frame of the International week of the Coltural exchanges of the proffesors, stidents and assistants was realized a exhibitions of the drawings and lectires of prof dr sc ANDREA CORRALES from the University of SARAGOSSA, Spain. This cooperation is on the initiative of the International Office for Cultural coolabortaion of the International Balkan University - Skopje . On this occassion between a public were a numerous different professors, and assistants form different University, from R.N.Macedonia, also as from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Malezija, Turky, also as a representatives from the International Balkan University.